Our Mayonnaise

Duke’s is more than just a century-old southern recipe, it’s the secret to great food. Well, it’s not really a secret these days. After 100 years of adding creamy texture and tangy flavor to tomato sandwiches and potato salads, people can’t help but spread the word. Try some for yourself to taste the mayonnaise everyone is talking about.

Our Sauces

Inspired by the time-honored barbecuing and dipping traditions beloved throughout the south, Duke’s line of Southern Sauces embraces complex, nuanced regional flavors that are hard to come by on grocery shelves. Duke’s Mayonnaise has been the secret to great sandwiches and salads for over a century—try Duke’s Southern Sauces to see why Duke’s is the secret to great barbecue, too!

Our Merchandise

You (and your kitchen) can be decked in Duke’s with our merchandise. Our Duke’s items also make great gifts.

Please note that Duke’s merchandise ships separately from mayonnaise products.