Mini BLTs

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  • Servings icon 8 Servings
Mini BLT Sandwiches


  • 16 slices of thin sliced sandwich bread
  • 24 slices of bacon (about 1½ packages)
  • 1 cup baby lettuce leaves
  • Duke's Mayonnaise
  • 8 cherry tomatoes
  • 32 small wooden skewers


1. Toast the bread.

2. Assemble 8 sandwiches using 3 slices of bacon, lettuce, and as much Duke’s as you prefer.

3. Top with a quarter slice of tomato and secure with a skewer.

Recipe Story

There’s nothing better than a BLT with Duke’s Mayonnaise, the Official Mayo of the Tailgate. Serve these mini BLT sandwiches at your next homegate. Add extra bacon if you want to secure a few extra points.

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