Chicken-Wrapped Asparagus

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  • Cook time icon 25 minutes Prep | 10 minutes Cooking
  • Servings icon 6-8 Servings
Chicken-Wrapped Asparagus


  • ¼ cup Duke’s Mayonnaise
  • 1 package (5.2 oz.) garlic and herb spreadable cheese
  • 3 lbs. chicken tenders (about 24 total)
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • 12 oz. thin asparagus spears, tough fibrous ends removed
  • Toothpicks


1. Mix mayonnaise and herbed cheese together in a bowl. Cover and refrigerate until use.

2. Season 3 chicken tenders with salt and pepper.

3. Smear each tender with 1 tsp. of the mayonnaise mixture.

4. Place 3-4 asparagus spears across the tenders; wrap the chicken around the asparagus, secure with toothpicks.

5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 with remaining ingredients.

6. Grill over medium-high indirect heat until chicken is done.

Recipe Story

Chicken Wrapped Asparagus Recipe

Say goodbye to basic chicken breast and hello to a new summer crowd pleaser: Duke’s Chicken Wrapped Asparagus. This juicy, flavorful grilled chicken recipe makes for a visually stunning cookout appetizer or a weeknight dinner with a gourmet flair. Gluten-free and low carb, chicken wrapped asparagus is something you can serve to family and guests and feel good about it. The bright, earthy flavor of fresh, green asparagus paired with tender, succulent chicken coated in a garlic and herb cheese-mayo blend come together to form an irresistible combination.

Why Grill with Duke’s Mayonnaise?

Grilling can dry out tender cuts of meat, like chicken breasts and tenderloins. Adding Duke’s Mayonnaise to spreadable garlic and herb cheese helps the mixture adhere evenly to the chicken. Most importantly, when the chicken wrapped asparagus is on the grill, Duke’s acts as a protective barrier that prevents the chicken from sticking to the grates and helps the chicken retain its flavorful juices. The tangy Duke’s and garlicky herb cheese will melt into the meat during the grilling process, resulting in a richly flavored and crisp crust. Grill on a medium-high heat with the lid on to achieve the perfect sear and char-grilled taste.

Preparation and Serving Tips

Opt for thick-stemmed asparagus spears, which are less likely to overcook on the grill and are easier to wrap and secure with toothpicks than slimmer stalks. Serve Chicken Wrapped Asparagus with rice or pasta and a salad for a healthy, well-balanced meal that the whole family will enjoy. Colorful, uniquely prepared and only four ingredients, these bundles are also perfect for entertaining guests at a weekend barbeque or summer party.

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