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  • Alabama-Style White BBQ Sauce

    Alabama-Style White BBQ Sauce

    Duke’s Alabama-Style White BBQ Sauce is a barbecue sauce unlike any other, and a longstanding source of pride for the Northern Alabamians who popularized it. This distinctive, zingy sauce marries the taste of Duke’s with tangy vinegar, punchy horseradish, and a peppery blend of spices. It’s bound to become your go-to sauce for dunking smoked or grilled chicken and fried…View Product
  • Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

    Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce

    Duke’s Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce hails from a pocket of South Carolina that swears by its signature tangy, mildly sweet barbecue. This golden barbecue sauce complements chicken or pork barbecue with irresistible mustardy flavor, a bit of sweetness, and a nip of heat.View Product
  • Georgia Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

    Georgia Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce

    Duke’s Georgia Sweet Heat BBQ Sauce is a classic pairing of syrupy molasses and hot pepper that balances sweetness with a slow-burning, spicy kick. This sticky-sweet sauce makes grilled chicken, pulled pork, and ribs taste so good, you could charge for them.View Product
  • Hickory Moonshine BBQ Sauce

    Hickory Moonshine BBQ Sauce

    Duke’s Hickory Moonshine BBQ Sauce enlivens a classic tomato-based barbecue sauce recipe with a splash of salted moonshine and the sweet, smoky flavors of hickory. This rustic, backcountry sauce gives meats like pork barbecue and smoked brisket a smooth, tender finish and tantalizing, rich flavor.View Product
  • Mississippi Comeback Sauce

    Mississippi Comeback Sauce

    Duke’s Mississippi Comeback Sauce blends the distinctive tang of Duke’s mayonnaise with the sharpness of chili sauce and savory spices. Originating in Jackson, Mississippi, it’s known throughout the South as a go-to dipping sauce for everything from hushpuppies to chicken tenders to fried pickles. Its unique flavor complements any meat and is perfect for dressing salads in need of a…View Product
  • Tennessee Smoke & Whiskey BBQ Sauce

    Tennessee Smoke & Whiskey BBQ Sauce

    Duke’s Tennessee Smoke & Whiskey BBQ Sauce expands upon traditional, tomato-based barbecue sauce recipes to incorporate the smooth and mellow flavor of rich Tennessee whiskey. This smoky caramel sauce gives meats an irresistibly tender texture and pairs especially well with pork barbecue and smoked brisket.View Product